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If Oysters Were Pelicans We Might “Make it right”

Today I waded into the future waters of Barataria Bay with oystermen Nick Collins, Jules Melancon and Jim Gossen, President & CEO of Louisiana Foods Global Seafood Source (the guy that buys the oysters the rest of us eat) as … Continue reading

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Audubon Six Month Bird Report on BP Oil Disaster

    For just over a week this past September I circumnavigated the every move of a handful of National Audubon’s best and brightest folks trying to make sense out of where we are six months after the April 20th … Continue reading

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Fledging from the disaster

Oiled birds.  You can rescue them, soap them, scrub them, rinse them and with luck set them free, but that doesn’t mean they will always say thanks by taking flight. Aside from chiseling its way from egg entrapment, fledging, the … Continue reading

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