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Yes Jethro, that’s bubbl’n crude

Jan. 5, 2010 – Grand Isle, Louisiana: “I’ve been here many times and I’ve never seen it looking like this,” Peter Brabeck said of the oil mixing in with the beach sands, turning it black.

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Weathered Oil on Alabama Beach

A SouthWings flight with pilot Tom Hutchings along the Alabama/Florida coast had been planned for Wednesday anyway, so on the way out of Mobile Bay we looped along the beach at Fort Morgan.  I wanted to show Tom what we … Continue reading

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BP Oil Tar Covers Alabama Beach

* After posting the below blog I had a discussion with John Wathen, Tom Hutchings and others regarding the term we should be using for the state of oil pollution found on the beach at Fort Morgan.  The feeling is … Continue reading

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“A teachable little monkey”

My grandmother on my mom’s side was a very practical lady.  Older, wiser, transformed by decades of cotton farming life in the panhandle of Texas when I came along.  I got to know her as a wee child only, but … Continue reading

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Gulf War Wages On

The longtime residents of Perdido Beach are angry and frustrated; others just bury their heads in the sand and pray BP will go away.  In Gulf shore sands stretching from Louisiana to Florida amphipods are hopping mad, isopods are flatly … Continue reading

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Pubs, Pints and Petroleum Politics

I don’t know if I always had a journalist gene, or it’s just something that intertwines itself within the double-helix for curiosity, but stories that don’t walk a straight line fascinate me.  Especially stories that don’t just dip their toes, … Continue reading

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Return to the Future

Back in the Gulf after a few weeks away.  More chasing invisible trails.  Like the a scene from Men in Black, everyone’s brains have been erased, washed clean, everything has been “corexed”.  In a quote from Terry Tempest Williams article … Continue reading

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