Gerry’s Bio

Gerry’s career has encompassed numerous long-term documentary projects for GLOBIO, World Wildlife Fund, Chevron PNG and the Australian Tourism. In over a quarter century of work he has published multiple major magazine projects including work for such publications as Paris Match, Ranger Rick, BBC Wildlife,New York Times, GEO and National Geographic.  Additionally, Gerry has created several award-winning book projects, including Wild Orphans, The Outdoor Traveler’s Guide to Australia, America’s Rainforest as well as several titles in the highly acclaimed children’s series “Nature Watch” by Carol Rhoda Books.

Gerry is currently working on three major long-term projects in addition to the Gulf Coast, they include Great Ape Diaries, Taming Giants: 2000 years of domesticating Asian elephants and Chasing the Lanterne Rouge.

As an award-winning nature photographer and writer for over 25 years, he
has documented the lives of endangered species, indigenous cultures and
threatened ecosystems across every continent. While filming orphaned baby
African elephants in Kenya for his book, Wild Orphans, Gerry was inspired to
create and found GLOBIO to engage and connect kids in dialogue around
the world about what makes up their own unique ‘backyard.’

GLOBIO, a children’s education nonprofit based in the United States.  GLOBIO
is a children’s online education community, the only such global organization
dedicated solely to childrens’ discovery and communication about cultural
and biological diversity. Gerry heads up GLOBIO’s online creative
development team and actively films for the organization’s extraordinary
visual archives. He also oversees project sites in Bhutan, China, India, Kenya
and the USA.

Gerry is also the editor and publisher of Bicycling which
combines his professional photography and writing talents with his passion for
riding bikes.

Gerry’s photography is represented internationally by Minden Pictures.

For an expanded list of publishing, awards, travel and work details see Gerry’s
Career Bio

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