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“A teachable little monkey”

My grandmother on my mom’s side was a very practical lady.  Older, wiser, transformed by decades of cotton farming life in the panhandle of Texas when I came along.  I got to know her as a wee child only, but … Continue reading

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White House lifts Gulf of Mexico deepwater oil drilling ban

Tuesday U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced, “We have decided it is now appropriate to lift the suspension on deepwater drilling for those operators that are able to clear the higher bar that we have set”. The new rules, which were … Continue reading

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BP fix it, but don’t go away

    We know so little about ourselves.  We as in United States of Americans.  We loosely collect ourselves under a sheet of cloth emblazoned red, white and blue, and every few years when the Olympic anthem is crescendoed and … Continue reading

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