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Strategy for Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

Life in the Gulf goes on below the surface and behind the scenes. A coalition of national and Gulf-based groups continue to work to change the way we see and think about the Gulf Coast and the greater Gulf of … Continue reading

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A Cat On Its Ninth Life

The saying goes, a cat has nine lives, but we only ever see one, to us always the last.  In Louisiana’s Barataria Bay we are watching a cat die its ninth life – what’s harder still, we saw all eight … Continue reading

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“There baaaaack”

Sounding a bit like a broken record here, but this new spate of oil rolling up on the Gulf Coast beaches from Fort Morgan, Alabama to Timbalier Islands Louisiana can’t be surprising anyone – can it? Emulsified oil, oil mousse … Continue reading

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Yes Jethro, that’s bubbl’n crude

Jan. 5, 2010 – Grand Isle, Louisiana: “I’ve been here many times and I’ve never seen it looking like this,” Peter Brabeck said of the oil mixing in with the beach sands, turning it black.

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Berms a Bust, Jindal Busted – Says Report

Thursday AP reported on a report released by the staff of the presidential commission investigating the April 20th BP oil disaster quoting, “miniscule” was the amount of oil recovered from the ridiculously over-priced berms being built (present tense – as … Continue reading

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Pubs, Pints and Petroleum Politics

I don’t know if I always had a journalist gene, or it’s just something that intertwines itself within the double-helix for curiosity, but stories that don’t walk a straight line fascinate me.  Especially stories that don’t just dip their toes, … Continue reading

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Return to the Future

Back in the Gulf after a few weeks away.  More chasing invisible trails.  Like the a scene from Men in Black, everyone’s brains have been erased, washed clean, everything has been “corexed”.  In a quote from Terry Tempest Williams article … Continue reading

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