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It Still Hurts My Heart

“The Tarball Chronicles] offers compelling images and vivid descriptions of the Gulf. Anyone who wanted a first-hand look at the Gulf after the news cycle ended will find it here, but this brilliant, thoughtful book will leave them disquieted.” —Publishers … Continue reading

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Delta Dispatches – Ongoing Gulf News

With this blog’s postings tapering off – due in large part because I am personally not in the Gulf on an ongoing basis – I will post other sources those of you who have followed this blog might turn for … Continue reading

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Strategy for Restoring the Gulf of Mexico

Life in the Gulf goes on below the surface and behind the scenes. A coalition of national and Gulf-based groups continue to work to change the way we see and think about the Gulf Coast and the greater Gulf of … Continue reading

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Not All Gloom & Doom

I try to keep this blog balanced – not everything in the Gulf is gloom & doom, nor is it as rosy as some would like to portray.  On occasion I find a gem of beauty, a place that inspires … Continue reading

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Passing Blame

Several months ago I thought we had exhausted the opportunities to make jokes of the BP acronym.  Apparently not.  Now BP themselves have upped the ante: BP stands for Blame Passing. On the eve of the anniversary of the Macondo … Continue reading

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“We Have Met The Enemy and He Is Us”

“Just please tell people that we are better now.  Please tell them to come and visit.”  She said in a sad lamenting tone.  Mary has retired to Grand Isle, an outsider come home to her place and she just wants … Continue reading

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BP Oil Spill – WHAT CAN I DO?

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A Cat On Its Ninth Life

The saying goes, a cat has nine lives, but we only ever see one, to us always the last.  In Louisiana’s Barataria Bay we are watching a cat die its ninth life – what’s harder still, we saw all eight … Continue reading

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Neutral Doesn’t Mean No Forward Progress

Journalism has been eroded pretty badly over the past couple decades.  Journalistic efforts and ethics in most cases have been replaced by “media.”  An toxic beast of a charismatic nature.  You can blame the 24 hour news cycles, tabloid journalism, … Continue reading

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Loss of Life and National Treasure Worth $374,062

I’m not against capitalism, free-enterprise and the American-way-of-life… although I firmly believe all of those are, as the Hopi would call it – Koyaanisqatsi – life out of balance. Occasionally that state of Koyaanisqatsi is made more insane by an … Continue reading

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