About the Project

The, Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Project, is a year-long documentary of
the U.S. Gulf Coast in the wake of the April
20th, 2010
BP-Deepwater/Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico –
the greatest human-caused environmental disaster.

The Project is a partnership between Gerry Ellis, The National
Audubon Society, GLOBIO and made possible with a generous
grant from the
TogetherGreen Fellowship program, with
photographic support by
Pro Photo Supply.

The, Gulf Oil Spill Disaster Project is to document the impact on
the Gulf Coast environment over at least the next year.  As
one step in communicating this project and the ongoing
activities to the public and to children a number of blogs will
be created and run concurrently – they will eventually all link
from this page and from the
Blogs page – they will be hosted in
various sites including, The National Audubon Society website,
the Pro Photo Supply website, the GLOBIO children’s website as
well as Gerry’s personal general travel & photo blog

All photographic and video material from the project may be
accessed for editorial and commercial use by contacting
Gerry’s photo agency Minden Pictures directly.

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