Return to the Future

Back in the Gulf after a few weeks away.  More chasing invisible trails.  Like the a scene from Men in Black, everyone’s brains have been erased, washed clean, everything has been “corexed”.  In a quote from Terry Tempest Williams article this month in Orion Magazine, a waiter says, “There’s not a lot of trust in this city about what we’re being told.”, referring to the oil pollution in the Gulf seafood.  That was back in July.  It’s football season and the restaurants are full and forgetful.

A handful of journalists like Williams continue to fire reminder flares.  This month in Orion Magazine The Gulf Between Us.

“The oil is not gone. This story is not over. We smelled it in the air. We felt it in the water. People along the Gulf Coast are getting sick and sicker. Marshes are burned. Oysters are scarce and shrimp are tainted. Jobs are gone and stress is high. What is now hidden will surface over time.”

More over the coming couple of weeks.

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