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Not All is Oil Coated Doom and Gloom

My work in the Gulf is often viewed through two lenses – one, a Gulf Coast that looks all but normal, the second is through a frustratingly foggy lens, the truth somewhere below the surface. It’s often easy to lean … Continue reading

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More Questions Than Answers

“We’ve never seen so many species floating in so many different areas. I’m begging the E.P.A., or somebody to quit worrying about pulling barges and pulling our boats out, and cutting down the size of the vessel of opportunity. I’m … Continue reading

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Fledging from the disaster

Oiled birds.  You can rescue them, soap them, scrub them, rinse them and with luck set them free, but that doesn’t mean they will always say thanks by taking flight. Aside from chiseling its way from egg entrapment, fledging, the … Continue reading

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