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Outta Sight, Outta Mind

This morning no sound but the loud breathing of the sea. Suppose that under all that salt water lived the god that humans have spent ten thousand years trawling the heavens for. We caught the wrong metaphor. Real space is wet and underneath, the … Continue reading

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Pelicans of Hope

    Few creatures become so iconic to a state as the Brown Pelican is to Louisiana.  In fact, few single images, save the Fleur-de-Lis, the graphically stylized lily or iris, illustrates this state in the minds of locals and … Continue reading

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BP fix it, but don’t go away

    We know so little about ourselves.  We as in United States of Americans.  We loosely collect ourselves under a sheet of cloth emblazoned red, white and blue, and every few years when the Olympic anthem is crescendoed and … Continue reading

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    While in the midst of writing two new posts for this blog and preparing to fly out over the Chandeleur Islands east of the Mississippi River – and one of the most impacted areas on the Gulf Coast – … Continue reading

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First Week Review: In Search of Oil

    Journeys begin in two ways – destination known, destination unknown.  For editors, producers, sponsors and others paying the bills, the first is the ideal journey, it has certainty before you pack your bags.  For the adventurer, the perambulator, … Continue reading

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